Homeless kids are going missing on the streets of Gotham, though nobody knows who’s doing it or why. But, after talking to Fish Mooney, Detective Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock figure out that someone will pay the big bucks for anyone under the age of 16 who’s healthy.

A man and a woman are using a drug that hasn’t been used in over 15 years since Arkham Asylum was closed, who are attempting to round up the kids for man by the name of the Dollmaker.

In an attempt to keep the kids living on Gotham’s streets ‘safe’, they send them off to foster homes for the ‘cute’ ones while the others are sent to juvi so the city can safe money on trying to street kids for crimes they were bound to commit. Among the kids sent there is Selina Kyle, who witnessed the older couple jabbing the street kids with the poisoned pen and taking them.

But, one of the buses carrying Selina and 29 other kids goes missing. The City can’t explain away 30 missing kids, which sends Gordon and Harvey on the hunt for a trident. Being her badass self, Selina, with the help of Gordon and Harvey, find the kids before it’s too late.

Penguin is slowly making his way back to Gotham after Gordon ‘shot’ him, and threw him into the pier. His mother speaks to Harvey’s best friends from Major Crimes, and insists that there’s something keeping her son from coming home.

(Truthfully, I did miss the first fifteen minutes of this episode. But, I deduced what had happened during the time that I had missed.)

The seedy streets of Gotham continue to get worse and worse the more we learn about them, though it’s not too surprising considering how Gotham ends up by the time Bruce grows up and becomes Batman to rid Gotham of the corrupt Police and Politicians that are controlled by the criminals.