After the death of her Mother, and the incarceration of her Father after killing a man while dealing with the death of his wife: 14-year-old Sarah Crane is forced out of the home she’s lived in her entire live and into the unwelcome home of her foster family, the Garvey’s, to be close to her Father while he serves his time in prison.

After being hit by her Father before she was placed with the Garvey’s, Sarah is handicapped and alienated in her new school where all the kids whisper about her and call her names. She befriends another student, Nick Dunnigan, who the the kids at the high school have turned away from because he isn’t ‘normal’, and Sarah also quickly befriends the school’s art teacher, Bettina Phillips, who the entire town sees as a witch.

The trio bond quickly, and Sarah and Nick quickly realize that the pair have a connection to the old mansion that Bettina calls home. Visions from the past that Shutters housed come alive when Sarah paints the images, while Nick suffers hallucinations of what Sarah has been able to bring to life on the page before her. Ultimately, Shutters extracts it’s revenge on any bad people who crosses its thresholds.

This is the first book I’ve read by John Saul, and I was rather impressed. I was a little confused from time to time, though I think that was because the book kept me distracted with the events that were happening within the pages. The story kept me on my toes, and had me guessing what was going to come next right up until the epilogue.

As I finished this book, I was relieved that October was here. I realized quickly that House of Reckoning was something on a ghost story, and was glad that I could be finishing it and including it during the month of Halloween. I actually really don’t like Halloween, because I’m not a fan of being scared. But, I was glad to be able to finish a book that kept me on edge, and almost ended up in the freezer a time or two because of how scary it got.