Penguin finally makes his way back to Gotham after Gordon ‘killed’ him to get his revenge against Fish Mooney, where a vigilante is going after corrupt citizens and strapping them to weather balloons.

Gordon brings Selina back to the scene of the Wayne’s death, attempting to get the right man who killed the Wayne’s because he promised Bruce. In an attempt to figure out if she was lying or not, he going spelunking into the sewers where she ditched a wallet that she stole the night of the robbing.


Detectives Montoya and Allen, from Major Crimes, question Fish Mooney about Cobblepot and she points them into the direction of Gordon. The two go and question him, attempting to get Gordon to talk about Falcon.

Gordon and Bullock get a lead on the balloon vigilante, realizing that the vigilante has more targets. The next target is Lt. Bill Cranston, a corrupt member of the GCPD.  The fact that the case only started to matter and get attention after Cranston was targeted, doesn’t sit well with Gordon who confides his feelings to Barbara.

Cardinal Quin, a man accused of molesting children, is the third victim of the Balloonman. Gordon realizes who the Balloonman is after Cranston’s body falls after the weather balloon pops, and the reason for why he snapped becomes quickly apparent when Bullock and Gordon have a confrontation with him.

The show actually reveals Gotham to be a horribly corrupt place, and all of the characters are willing to accept it. Unlike Gordon, no one seems to be in any hurry to change the way things are. Everyone’s comfortable with the corruption, and the criminals aren’t going to change anything anytime soon.