Oswald makes a stop at Detective Gordon’s, even though Gordon was suppose to have shot Oswald and sent him into the pier. Oswald offers to be Gordon’s spy, because he wants to help Gordon deal with the coming war and let’s Gordon know what the wars going to be over.


A Councilmen and his aide are killed on the roof while they were on their way to their cars, and Gordon and Harvey attempt to find the man who killed the Councilmen and his aide to prevent any other Council members from meeting the same fate as the date to vote on the fate of the Arkham district approaches. Falcon and Maroni are attempting to get the vote to go their way, and it’s turning deadly for the council members.


Harvey and Gordon reach out to a imprisoned hitman to point them in the direction of the hitman, as he uniquely kills with a metal pole and works for both Falcon and Maroni. They manage to get a name and where he works, but he leaves before Gordon and Harvey can get a hold of him.

Bruce Wayne continues to try and deal with the death of his parents, and works toward finding a connection between the death of the Councilmen and his parents.

Barbara admits the year long relationship that she once had with Montaya, from Major Crimes, to Gordon after she brings up Cobblepott’s name when she believes that Gordon is keeping secrets from her.

The deeper and deeper Gordon takes viewers into Gotham’s underworld, the more and more I realize just how corrupt Gotham was. It explains why Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, outside of attempting to find who actually killed his parents. Gordon just keeps his head above water when it comes to the corruption, and obviously couldn’t clean up the city on his own.