Based on the novel with the same name, by John Green, The Fault In Our Stars follows 17-year old Hazel Grace Lancaster while she attempts to get through a life that hasn’t been all that great for her. Her cancer was originally in her thyroid, and then moved down to her lungs to make them suck at being lungs.

At the insistence of her Mother, and Doctor, who believe she’s depressed: Hazel attends a support group for kids who are also on the same ‘journey’ as her. Hazel admits that having cancer doesn’t mean that she’d depressed: she’d depressed because it’s a side affect of dying. Which, Hazel is attempting to deal with.

During one of the meetings, Hazel meets Augustus ‘Gus’ Waters. Augustus invites Hazel to watch a movie with him after group, and the two bond over cancer perks and Hazel’s story of cancer when it was found when she was 13 in her thyroid. The two exchange their favourite books, Hazel’s being An Imperial Affliction and Augustus’ being a book based on his favourite video game. (Which isn’t the same as it was in the book, and I didn’t catch it.)

Hazel goes to hang out with Isaac and Augustus as Isaac deals with a psychotic break after Monica breaks up with him. Augustus and Hazel bond over An Imperial Affliction while Isaac smashes Agustus’ medals from when he played basketball. Augustus gets a hold of the author of An Imperial Affliction, and Hazel emails him in hopes of getting some answers out of the author.

It comes out that Hazel will likely be sick for the rest of her life, and Gus has been cancer free for 14 months. Augustus offers up a trip for Hazel, as a thank you for introducing him to the book. He admits his feelings for her during this trip, and she finally accepts them and doesn’t try to push him away.

As heartbreaking as Hazel’s story is: she’s an amazing character. She uses her sarcasm as a weapon to fight what she’s been given in life, but she never let’s the cancer stop her. Her death is inevitable, but she doesn’t allow this fear to control her and stop her from experiencing what life has to offer.

Augustus and Hazel open each other up to something the two may never have had, and just have fun. They forget about their shitty luck, and just enjoy each other.