The increasingly troubled Bruce Wayne becomes more and more obsessed with the idea of avenging his parents, and the idea of saving Gotham begins to grow in his mind.

Salvatore Maroni wants to send an even louder message to Gotham and Carmine Falcon, after he being awarded the Government contract for the Arkham project. He wants to hit Falcon’s casino, because Falcon’s men, apparently, hit his restaurant. Falcon has a meeting with the families to settle the rumours that Maroni is getting more control and power in Gotham, and he claims that everyone get’s a part of the deal.


Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock stumble onto a case involving a drug that causes a homeless man to be able to pull a ATM out of a corner store’s wall, and the strange man who gave it to the original homeless man continues to hand it out to the homeless population in Gotham.

The strange man handing out the drug, nicknamed Viper, previously worked for the drug company that is a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. It comes to light that he was working on experimental drugs to help with the military, and wanted to close down the drug research as it was resulting in death. He went right to the head of the company, the Wayne’s, and they shut down project. But, the project was immediately revived which led him to poison the homeless population and his attack on the company.

Penguin is beaten up, again, when he let’s slip to Maroni his past with Fish Mooney and Gordon is brought to corroborate Penguin’s story. Gordon tells Maroni exactly the same story as Penguin told, which causes Maroni to celebrate and sees him as a secret weapon against Falcon and Fish Mooney.

This episode takes an interesting story that happens later on in the Batman universe, without focusing on the character that it focuses on. Viper, or that will later be known as Venom, comes into play much later on in the story and makes it feel like the story line is adding to that story later on.