A case from Harvey Bullock”s past comes back to Gotham, copying a villain that Harvey thought he had gotten rid of with his previous partner 10 years before. The Spirit of the Goat targets the first born of Gotham’s one percent, and hang the girls in a white dress with candles and flowers around them.

Harvey makes the conclusion that whoevers doing the killings, it is not a copy cat. They purposely left out information from the report and the press, and most of the people who knew about it are dead, too old to do anything or are Harvey. Harvey and Gordon go to Harvey’s old partner to get some answers, who tells Harvey that the original Goat wasn’t working alone 10 years ago.

Another girl goes missing, and Harvey believes that they have less than 8 hours to figure out who’s impersonating the Goat and are trying to find the victim. With the help of Edward Nygma, Harvey and Gordon find the man who’s murdering Gotham’s wealthiest first borns in the same place Harvey and his previous partner found the Goat 10 years before.

Detectives Montoya and Allen continue to work the angle that Gordon killed Cobblepot, and manage to find a witness who tells them that Gordon shot Cobblepott.Barbara reaches out to Montoya in an attempt to protect Gordon, as she convinced Gordon to tell her what he’s involved in. Montoya tells Barbara to get out of Gotham, as a judge signed a warrant for Gordon’s arrest in the shooting of Cobblepott.  Oswald makes his way home to his Mother, who actually believed that Oswald had run off with some ‘painted woman.’

I enjoyed this episode only because it showed Harvey when he was like Gordon, attempting to be a good cop and be a hero. Gordon doesn’t believe Harvey’s old partner when he makes a statement relating to that, but the flash back scene in the beginning proves the kind of man Harvey once was.