At the Box Office this week Gone Girl came in fourth, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day came in seventh, The Best of Me comes in eighth behind Alexander, and Dracula Untold came in ninth after the Nicholas Spark’s book.

Opening at the Box Office this week, is Before I go to Sleep, based on the novel by S. J. Watson, which follows a woman who’s suffering from amnesia. Everyday she wakes up with no knowledge of who she is, and reads through her journal that she’s been keeping in an attempt to remember what’s been happening to her.

Horns, based on the novel by Joe Hill, follows Ig when his girlfriend’s, Merrin, murdered and raped and left in a forest. After the murder of his girlfriend, Ig begins to sprout horns on the top of his head that somehow force people to tell him the honest truth about themselves. Though, he’s never tried or arrested for the death of his girlfriend, the small town he lives in widely believes that Ig is the one responsible for her death.

Speculation about the five short movies of back stories from the Twilight series, based on the books by Stephanie Meyers, is coming out as fans get excited about the movies that will be released to Facebook. Fans are eager for the origin stories of the Voltouri, the Cullens, and the wolf pack. As well, as interested in what happens to the characters after the movies end.


As I’ve been posting periodically as the information becomes available, Bitten, Space’s original show based on the book by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong, is currently filming it’s second season that will be based on the second novel in Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld book series, Stolen. Space gave viewers a sneak peek of the poster for the new season, which will be released in winter 2015.



It was released recently that JK Rowling will be releasing a short story on Halloween, this Friday, that will focus on a character even more hated than Lord Voldemort: Dolores Umbridge. The story, which will be released on Pottermore, will offer fans the opportunity to see intimate details of Umbridge’s life as well as learn how Umbridge sees the world around her.