After it comes to light that Jim Gordon didn’t kill Oswald Cobblepott, Fish Mooney has a fit and sends her goons to find Gordon, and Harvey Bullock threatens Gordon and tells him he has to kill him and beg for his own safety from Carmine Falcone.

Falcone has another meeting of the minds with the gang families, attempting to push down the threat that has Mooney panicking about Cobblepott still being alive and what he knows. Falcone sends Victor Zsasz to pick up Gordon after he refused to go quietly with Mooney’s goons, which ends up in a shoot out where Detectives Montoya and Allen come in and get Gordon out alive.

After sending Barbara away to keep her safe, Gordon goes about trying to get arrest warrants for Falcone and his associates, including the Mayor of Gotham, in connection with the Wayne murders. Harvey also decides to join Gordon, believing that he’s doomed no matter what he does.

Mooney sits down with Salvator Maroni to talk about Cobblepott, and Mooney insists of having Maroni hand him over to get retributions for snitching the conspiracy regarding the Wayne’s murders to Major Crimes. Mooney’s goons steal a cargo of Maroni’s guns going through Gotham, saying they won’t let the guns cross the bridge until they hand over Cobblepott. As retaliation, Cobblepott shows Maroni’s men where one of Falcone’s associates hide out is and they shoot the warehouse up.


Gordon reaches out to Bruce Wayne to admit he may not be able to find his parents killer, and tells him that Montoya and Allen will take over if he cannot continue his investigation.

Maroni and Falcone meet up to speak personally about Cobblepott in an attempt to create peace among their sides, and Falcone offers to give him Cobblepott unharmed for a warehouse on Indian Hill. They both speak about Gordon, agreeing that there’s nothing more dangerous than an honest man.

The fact that Gordon causes this much trouble so early on in his career is surprising, and brings me to question how he lived long enough to become commissioner.