Detective Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock open the day with a murder, which is the result of a secret fight between the victim and his killer while a strange man watches. Gordon finds out that the victim was looking for a job in fiance, and they go to an underground Doctor who may have dealt with the murderer who lost a thumb during the scuffle.

The evidence lead Gordon and Bullock to a financing firm where most of the male employees are covered in cuts and bruises, where Gordon confronts the fingerless man. He admits that there was a fight club in a hiring process, and the men weren’t meant to fight to the death. Though, the man who got hired was the last man standing.

Gordon becomes the special target when he comes across the secret location of the fight club, while Harvey attempts to track him down.  Although Gordon has the opportunity to give the final blow, he doesn’t and resorts my faith in him.

Oswald Cobblepott and Fish Mooney sit down to discuss the terms of peace between Carmine Falcone and Salvatore Malroni mob families, and Cobblepott brings Fish a gift even though it’s obvious she’s still pissed about him still being alive.

Bruce Wayne goes back to school for the first time since his parent’s death, even though he protests against it.  It becomes hard for him to mold back in with his classmates, and he ends up in a fight with the school bully. Alfred helps Bruce face his bully, though it may not have been the best way to do it.


The darker edge that has come over Gordon since his fellow cops walked out on him in the previous episode is becoming increasingly horrifying, mostly because he’s not holding himself back. As everyone seems to be saying, Gordon has a darkness inside of him.