On the fifth anniversary of their wedding, Nick Dunne comes home to find that his wife, Amy, is missing.

What unfolds in the days following his wife’s disappearance, including the investigation with him being the main suspect by the local cops, taking part in the treasure hunt that Amy sets up for him every year on their anniversary, and how close Nick comes to being charged with murder, completely alters Nick as a person and changes him.


Through Nick’s own accounts of the days, and him thinking back on his relationship with Amy, along with diary entries that Amy wrote: the reader get’s an idea of the people that the two are. Though, it’s obviously a little bias. Nick admits to leaving out information so the reader will see him in a better light, including the fact that Nick had an on-going affair with a student of his for over a year. It also comes to light that not all of the information Amy provides in her diary are fact, even though the cops take them as that.

As Nick attempts to clear his name, we find out that events in Amy’s life didn’t happen the way she says they have in her diary and the way she has told people. During Part two of the novel, Amy shows her true colours and reveals the real intention of her disappearance. She had found out about Nick’s affair, and she wanted him to pay for his indiscretion.

But, Amy decides to come back to Nick: and saves him from the death penalty.

The ending to this book really disappointed me, because the book was amazing. But, the ending didn’t seem up to par to me. As twisted as the entire story was, it had me guessing right up until the end, the ending fell flat just because it ended on such a cliched note. It left readers with a bit of a cliffhanger, Nick says something Amy doesn’t like and she can’t stop thinking about it, so it just made led me to believe that she might try something to screw Nick over again.

As much of a let down as I felt when I finished Gone Girl, the rest of the book was awesome! The twist caught me off guard, and I even knew it. The characters all played the roles they were meant to play, and even fell right into the traps that were laid out for them.

A book I’d read again, even with the ending that I didn’t like.