Detective Jim Gordon brings Selina Kyle to the Wayne manor for her protection, after she spoke to a sketch artist about the murderer of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Gordon meets with Harvey Dent, a young lawyer who’s one that Detective Allen and Montoya trust, to discuss the murder of the Wayne’s.

Bruce and Selina bond slowly while she stays with Bruce and Alfred, and the two tip toe around the topic of how Selina ended up on the streets. Bruce opens up to Selina about his feelings about what happened the night his parents were murdered, and Alfred doesn’t hide his desire to not have Selina in the home, at first.

Harvey Dent explains his two faced coin to Detective Jim Gordon, with Detectives Montoya and Allen in the back round.

Meanwhile, Gordon and Detective Harvey Bullock handle the case of a criminal from the Blackgate Penitentiary. The criminal in question, Ian Hargrove, is best known for blowing up 12 buildings all over Gotham. He’s creates a bomb that kills a number of guards at office building, and they take off with a powerful explosive.

In the remnants of the bomb, Hargrove left a clue with Bullock and Gordon that lead them right to him as he creates the next bomb. It turns out that the Russians broke Hargrove out of prison, kidnapped him, and threatened to kill his brother and his family unless he made the bombs to take Falcone out.

Oswald Cobblepott breaks into Carmine Falcon’s new love interest, Liza, apartment and does a little digging on the girl. He makes the connection between Liza and Fish Mooney, and he makes contact with Liza to blackmail her into continuing with the plan.

It’s highly entertaining that Fish is so into overthrowing Falcone, and how each and every episode she seems to come up with a new idea to overthrow him. She wants the power that Falcone has, and will stop at nothing to get it.