Picking up where Catching Fire finished off, Mockingjay Part 1 picks up with Katniss Everdeen after she was saved from the Hunger Games Quarter Quell arena and brought to the quarters of the rebel aliance: District 13. Along with fellow victors, Finnick Odair and Beetee, and just over 900 people from District 12 after the Capitol bombed it when Katniss shot her arrow into the arena’s force field.


It’s explained that District 13 has been thriving underground, even though the Capitol made the rest of the Districts believe that during the Great Uprising 13 was blown to pieces and was just one of the causalities that the rebels caused when they originally fought against the Capitol.

Katniss is told by Plutarch Havensbee and President Coin that fellow victors Peeta Mellark, Annie Cresta, and Johanna Mason were captured by the Capitol. Katniss obviously freaks out about Peeta, and refuses to become the Mockingjay that the rebels need to rouse the fellow Districts to revolt against the Capitol until Coin agrees to save the victors.

When the Capitol begins to use Peeta to send messages to the Districts of peace, and he even attempts to ask for a cease fire, it becomes clear that the Capitol is torturing him as his appearance becomes worse and worse as the movie progresses. When the Capitol loses power after the dame that gives the Capitol power is blown up, Coin sends in a operative group to rescue the victors and reunites Katniss and Peeta.

I was completely blown away by this movie! I was obviously excited, but had a small part that was apprehensive about the final book in the Hunger Games. I was blown out of the water, and just cannot get over the sheer volume of awesome that was portrayed in this film!

Even though all of the twists and turns were pulled completely from the book, with only a few different scenes written that we couldn’t see from Katniss’ perspective, the script writers cut out very little and kept very close to the story line from the book. As a true cliff hanger, fans will know when this movie was ended, which almost had me screaming in the theatre.

Go and see this movie, you will NOT be disappointed!