As a result of Harvey Dent’s threat to put Dick LoveCraft away for the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne, assassins are sent to the Wayne manor after Selina Kyle because she’s the witness against LoveCraft. Detective Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock are called out to the manor, where Gordon finally fills in Harvey on the connection between Kyle and LoveCraft. Selina and Bruce head to the city after escaping the manor, where Selina plans to hide Wayne and go and find help.

Alfred and Bullock do some digging on their own in an attempt to find Wayne and Selina, attempting to find where Selina might be taking Wayne to keep him safe. Their digging leads them to Fish Mooney, who reluctantly decides to help them once Alfred tells her Bruce is with Selina.

Gordon makes a visit to Harvey Dent about LoveCraft, who’s attempting to get the assassins called off of Selina and Bruce. Dent admits that he did some background on Gordon and he ‘whispered’ his name to people, which is how it was how LoveCraft found out about Selina.

Oswald Cobblepott and Carmine Falcone have another secret meeting, where Falcone asks Cobblepott how Maroni knew where his money was that was stolen in the previous episode. Cobblepott tells Falcone that it wasn’t Maroni who stole his money and that he has a mole within his family. He offers to help Falcone find the mole, even though Cobblepott already know who the mole is.


Gordon finds LoveCraft who went into hiding, and admits that the same people who are going after Selina have gone after him. Which ends up being true when the same assassins who went after Selina come walking through LoveCraft’s door, and the assassins attempt to frame Gordon for the murder of LoveCraft.

As the mid season/Fall finale, this episode has defiantly left me wanting to see more. It’s left a lot of unanswered questions for viewers about almost everything, and it frustrates me that I have to wait a couple of months until there are new episodes.