Betrayed, the second novel in a House of Night series, picks up with Zoey Redbird about a month after she was marked as a vampyre and brought to the House of Night, a vampyre boarding school, and has her dealing with her new responsibilities as the new leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons group.

Zoey’s connection with the Goddess Nyx is tested throughout this novel, as she begins to question a powerful figure and loses someone very close to her. While she attempts to juggle school work, her new responsibilities, her friends, numerous suitors, and typical teenager things: Zoey also has to sort through a number of feelings towards those people she’d meant to trust and figuring out if her enemies are actually her friends.

As friends of Zoey’s from her human life begin to go missing, and a couple end up dead, she acts quickly to save someone important to her and attempts to answer a number of unanswered questions when she comes across someone she thought was gone.

Zoey also struggles with the relationship with her estranged Mother, who visits her along with her husband and Zoey’s Grandmother at the beginning of the book. It becomes clear that Zoey’s Mother has all but abandoned her daughter, as Zoey’s relationship with her Grandmother only strengthens as she gets deeper and deeper into her change into a vampyre.

As I read this book, I remembered why I enjoyed the series so much when I first read it. As I mentioned in my previous review of the first book in the series, Marked, the Girl Power that screams from the book is one I’m not used to reading. The women are in the place previously held by men, and is only slightly sexiest toward male characters.

Plus, the way the character talks, to her friends and in her head, is kinda funny. She has the teenager speak down pat, which offers readers a slight giggle as they read.