The Maze Runner, written by James Dashner, begins with Thomas waking up surrounded by darkness. He’s brought to a place called the Glade, where boys have been sent to for the past two years and had their memories whipped. As no one has any memory of their life previously, none of the boys have any idea why they were sent to the Glade.

But, what they do know if they must solve the Maze set outside of the Glade to find a way to freedom. Runners go through the Maze every day in an attempt to break a code, with no luck after two years and no idea to what code they are attempting to crack.

After Thomas arrives in the Glade, bad things begin to happen. A girl is dropped off the day after Thomas arrives, supplies don’t arrive when they usually do, the sun abruptly disappears and the doors that keep the Gladers save from the monsters that roam the Maze do not close one day.

Although Thomas has no recollection of his life previous to waking up in the box, he has a sinking feeling that the maze is familiar to him. After purposely being stung by a Griever, which would mean that Thomas would regain some of his memories from before he went into the Glade, Thomas quickly helps fellow Gladers figure out the way to escape the Maze and how to get to ‘freedom’.

The whole conspriacy idea that the book is based on is interesting, and as the story unfolds I found it to be annoying that I couldn’t figure out what would posses a group of adults to put a number of boys into a maze and potentially lead lambs to a slaughter was a nagging thought that wouldn’t go away.

If you were paying attention, you could figure out the general plot twists that happened throughout the book. But, Dashner was able to keep the biggest secret from the reader and even ends the book on a plot twist that is still driving me nuts.