New year. New start. New books.

Happy New Years, fellow Bookworms!

With the holidays winding down, and things slowly going back to normal, I had a moment to set my reading goals for 2015.

I have two places where I keep reading goals, as I started keeping track of my reading habits last year, and set my goal to 100.

I obviously fell short last year, I only managed to read roughly 30, but I also started with less than 7 months to read 100 books for 2014. This year, I’m aiming to beat my previous record and get closer to my goal.

If you are interested in setting a goal of books to read, take a look at 50 Book Pledge or Goodreads. Those are the two sites I use, and enjoy their layouts and the other options that they offer.

Here’s to a new year of books, and as many new posts as I can write.