After a hiatus for the Holidays, I’m hoping that the Bookworm News posts are back and ready to go for the New Year! I will try to fit in all of the information that I read during the Holidays, though I may forget some that I read!


Top at the Box Office this past weekend includes: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at number one, Into the Woods coming in at second, Annie in sixth, The Imitation Game in seventh, Mockingjay Part 1 right behind in eighth, and Big Hero Six coming in at 10th.


After their mid season finale, Gotham is back tonight with the 11th episode ‘Rogue’s Gallery’ which will be reviewed in a couple of hours once it airs. The Flash and Arrow won’t premier until later on in the month, with Flash premiering on January 20th and Arrow on January 21st.


Space has also been gearing up with Bitten sneak peaks since it was announced that the showed based on Canadian author, Kelley Armstrong’s, book series second season will be airing on February 7th. The teaser trailers have included characters from the Pack (Elena, Clay, Jeremy, Logan and Nick), as well as Logan’s girlfriend, Rachel, who was kidnapped by previous Pack Alpha turned rogue mutt, Malcolm Danvers, as well as a new pack of characters: Savannah and Paige.


Much to the excitement of Potterheads everywhere, JK Rowling released more in depth stories on Pottermore, the site that Potterheads have the opportunity to view the Harry Potter world differently and learning new information about the wizarding world that Rowling herself has written. Over the Holidays, it was announced that Rowling would be releasing 12 new stories that would give fans a deeper meaning of characters and where they came from. Some of the stories included: Draco Malfoy’s back story, the origins of Dolores Umbridge, Rowling’s regrets about character within the series, Gilderoy Lockhart’s failed business venture, and those are just to name a few. Fans unlock the back stories as they make their way through Pottermore, which is an interactive story telling of all 7 Potter books.


That’s it for now, but keep a look out for more Bookworm News and book reviews and everything else that I will be posting!