Gotham picks up with Detective Jim Gordon at Arkham Asylum, where he is working as a guard as punishment from Mayor James for Lovecraft’s suicide. Gordon is blamed for not being able to control a couple of prison out bursts by Doctor Lang, the director of the asylum.

An inmate becomes brain dead after someone electrocutes him, and it’s left up to Gordon to figure out what happened to the inmate, and others as the episode progresses. After finding out that Officer Winger’s keys were stolen, Gordon interviews the inmates to try and figure out who took the keys to the room with the equipment to electrocute the inmate with no luck.

Fish Mooney and a couple of Falcone’s family heads have a get together to complain about Falcone, and Mooney makes it clear she plans on taking over once Falcone steps down. Butch goes out to try and pitch Mooney as the new head of the Family, though Mooney’s second hand man may have his own hidden agenda.

After coming out of hiding from the assassin that was sent after her, Selina Kyle runs into her friend, Ivy, who’s shivering and obviously not well in her hiding spot in an alley. The two hide at Gordon’s and Barbara’s apartment, assuming it’s been abandoned for the time being.


Gordon pitches that the person electrocutions may have been done by a staff member, and Doctor Lang shoots down this theory even though it seems to be right. Gordon calls his partner, Detective Harvey Bullock, to investigate the electrocutions behind Lang’s back.

It was an interesting episode to watch, seeing all of the different personalities that Arkham is host to. While the world outside continues to unfold, Gordon has no knowledge of it as he attempts to wade through the inmates and the authority figures that have obvious issues with him.