After escaping Arkham Asylum in the previous episode, Jack Gruber and Aaron Helzinger go on a rampage through Gotham, and the Commissioner gives Gordon 24 hours to catch the two mad men after Gordon insists that he can find them.

Edward Nygma ran the finger prints of Gruber, and finds out that his actual name is Jack Buchinsky. He was a bank robber for the mob, and created a new identity for himself to get into Arkham when it reopened.


Fish Mooney ‘kidnaps’ Liza from Carmine Falcone, because she’s decided that she is going to make her move against him. Falcone knows it’s Moony who kidnapped Liza, and the two make a deal so Falcone will leave Gotham and sign his family over to Moony and her gang.

Penguin tells Falcone that Liza was a plant by Fish to trick him, which makes him decide against going along with Fish’s deal. He kills Liza after he admits that he knows what Fish did, and takes Butch and Fish prisoner with the help of some mercenaries. Falcone gives Fish’s club to Penguin, along with whatever is left of Fish’s gang.

After getting a visit from a Doctor at Arkham, Gordon and Harvey Bullock realize that Buchinsky is looking to get revenge on Sal Maroni since it was him who set Buchinsky up. They put Maroni under protective custody as bait, to get Buchinsky to the police station. Buchinsky attacks the police station to get at Maroni, and Gordon is the only one immune to the first electrical bomb because of his rubber boots that Nygma provided him with at the beginning of the episode.

Gordon confronts, and beats Buchinsky singlehandedly, and is reinstated as a detective in the CPD.