Thomas wakes up being brought somewhere with no memories of his life up until the moment he wakes up, and can’t even remember his name. He’s shown around the Glade, where he’s been brought, by Alby and is told three simple rules Gladers follow.

1. Everyone does their part. No Slackers.

2. Never hurt another Glader. You have to trust each other.

3. Never go outside the Glade, unless you are a runner.

Thomas is told that the boys have been there for 3 years, attempting to find a way out with no success. None of the boys know why they are there, who put them there, or where exactly the Glade is in the world.

During his second day, Thomas is attacked by fellow Glader, Ben, who has been stung by a Griever and tells Thomas that he had something to do with the boys being put into the Glade. Alby explains to Thomas and Chuck that once stung by a Griever, Ben will be going through the Changing. Ben is forced into the Maze as the doors are shutting as punishment for attacking Thomas, as the Gladers have never seen someone live through a night in the Maze.

Thomas finds out that Alby was the first person in the Glade, which is why he is the leader and why he goes into the Maze with Minho to retrace Ben’s route to see where he got stung. Right before the doors close, Minho and Alby come and obviously won’t make it before the doors close. Thomas runs into the Maze without thinking, hoping to help the two boys.

Minho explains that Alby was stung, which slowed him down when he tried to drag Alby back in time. Minho and Thomas drag Alby through the maze in an attempt to keep themselves safe, and Thomas gets the idea to tie Alby up in the vines while the other two run to keep themselves safe from the Grievers. Thomas is left alone to deal with the Grievers when Minho runs off, but the two meet up later on in the night to defeat a Griever. Alby, Minho and Thomas make it through the night and make it back to the Glade.

Thomas is put on trial for going into the Maze where Gally goes on a rampage attempting to make everyone agree to punishing Thomas, and Minho suggest making Thomas a Runner instead. During the trial, the Box shows up holding something the Grievers haven’t seen before.

A girl.

Thomas and Minho bring a group back to check out the dead Griever, wanting to learn more about it and pull out something that proves that whoever put them in the Glade created the Grievers. Newt does end up punishing Thomas, but also makes him a Runner.

When the girl, Theresa, finally wakes up, Thomas admits that he has been having dreams that Theresa appears in. Theresa gives Thomas a serum that they give to Alby, which helps him wake up and they find out that anyone stung will remember their old life.

After Thomas spends the night in jail, he and Minho go out into the Maze to try and get answers in sector 7. The thing that they pulled out of the Griever starts to go off, and it leads them to a new passage.

At the end of the day, the Maze doors don’t shut and the Grivers come. Afterwards, Thomas stings himself on purpose to remember. He figures out that the Maze is a test, and he and Theresa were studying the boys sent into the Maze after they had experiments done on them as children.

Thomas and a group head into the Maze to try and find a way out, leaving Gally and a couple of other boys behind, and face the Grievers on the way out.

The story was slightly changed from the book, including how they get out of the Maze and how long the boys have been there. They aren’t bad changes, but for the most part I prefer the books way of doing things. Excluding a couple of things.