Rogue, by Danielle Steel, tells the story of Maxine Williams, an accomplished psychiatrist who specializes in traumas and it’s affects on adolescents and suicides in teens. She’s also a divorcee and single Mother of three, and has a good relationship with her ex husband, Blake Williams.

Maxine accepted that her marriage with Blake wouldn’t have worked out, because she had grown up once they had children and Blake didn’t. It was hard for Maxine to reach Blake after he made a fortune in the dot com industry, and asked him for a divorce because she was miserable.

Although, Maxine isn’t looking for anything, she crosses paths with a fellow Doctor who she begins dating. Dr. Charles West is all Maxine has been looking for in a man: reliable, grown up, and wants the same things she does. Even though he’s not a huge fan of children in general, he puts up with Maxine’s and eventually asks her to marry him.

During this time, Blake has an actual serious relationship that last more than a couple of weeks. When he is visiting one of his many houses in the process of being built, the area is hit by a natural disaster and he reaches out to Maxine to help them deal with the children. Charles is furious when Maxine agrees, and it’s not the first time he’s had a problem with Blake and Maxine’s relationship.

As the wedding comes closer and closer, there is more and more wedging it’s self between Charles and Maxine that causes tension. Maxine’s life is too crazy for Charles, as he’s used to an adult and quiet life that doesn’t have any place in Maxine’s life.

By the end of the novel, a wedding does occur just not the one everyone was expecting.

I believe this is the first Danielle Steel that I’ve read, and I wasn’t a huge fan. The story was a tad predictable, and a little boring. Things seemed too perfect, even when they weren’t going the right way for Maxine.