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The episode opens minutes after the last with Fish Mooney being placed in Falcone’s torture chamber. But whose doing said torture? Well, Bob of course. Who’s Bob? That’s a good question, one that’s never answered.

In the important parts of the episode, James returns to police life and is welcomed back with a drug related homicide. We’re also introduced to one of the GCPD’s Narcotics officers, Flass, Gordon’s original partner in Batman: Year One. (Spoiler, he’s a bad guy.) While looking over the body Gordon finds evidence hidden in the victim’s boot, and proceeds to tell no one.

Gordon and Bullock then interrogate a witness at the scene named Mr. Winkler…no that Henry but another one. However, before the Fonzie can give a sketch of the killer, he’s murdered. What makes the murder worse is that it looks like an Inside Job from inside the police department (dramatic music).

Back in Bob’s Torture Inn, Fish and Bob are talking and the two just proceed to waste some screen time. Literally nothing of importance happens.

Meanwhile on the other side of town, Fish’s goon is being transported to a generic looking building, but before he can be killed he gets the best of his drivers and gets info on where Fish is being held.

Back in the plot, Gordon and Bullock are talking to their Captain about the case. Like you’d expect, Gordon plans to bitch slap every cop until they give him some information and Bullock ain’t down with dat.

In the slums, Bruce and Alfred are driving around town looking for Selina Kyle. Why? Cause he’s got a crush or something. The two run into Ivy and for the low, low price of $20 she’ll do Bruce’s legwork for him and find her.

Back to the Torture Shack, Bob is still not doing a good job of interrogating or killing as Fish’s goon breaks her out. Thrilling, I know.

Back to Gordon, James starts giving every officer the first degree and it isn’t until Bullock get’s involved that people start talking. The investigation leads to Gordon finding a suspect, another narcotics office that has similar evidence to what Gordon found on the victim. James then looks into the rest of the drugs unit.

After being pulled from the case cause it’s “an undercover operation”, Gordon goes to Penguin for a little help with the case. In retrospect not the best idea as Penguin uses his muscle to get info out of one of the cops.

To prove more that Flass is a jerk, we get a scene where he makes fun of Nygma for being creepy, which is like mocking rain for being wet. This is pretty much all the character development given in this episode.

Back at Fish’s club, soon to be renamed the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin get’s drunk and has a weird montage of him looking directly into the camera while touching random things in the club…it was an odd directorial choice if you ask me.

In the end, Fish and her goon try to kill Penguin but before that happens Falacone’s hit squad/Charlie’s Angels cosplayers lead by Victor Zsasz show up and try to kill Fish. Fish later gets away with the help of Bullock. Bruce tries again to get Kyle to live with him; it goes about as well as the last time I asked a girl out (i.e. it was a no).

And in the case, Gordon uses Penguins information and arrests Flass for the murder of Winkler, but is spooked when a drug cop is afraid that James will use his muscle to get more info.

Overall, it wasn’t the best episode, as we didn’t really get any movement on the larger story. Couple that with the fact that everyone has some story in this episode and it was paced awkwardly in the end. Moving on.



This week’s episode open’s with our murder. This time a man is hoisted first by a chair over a building then later by a noose. Before letting the man hang off the building our murder listens to the victims pulse. A lot more of an epic intro this week.

On a much different note we move to Penguin and Maroni celebrating after Fish’s exodus. Their party doesn’t last long as Fish phones Maroni to inform him that Penguin’s working for Falcone. While he’s skeptical to believe her, Salvador doesn’t take action right away.

Back at the scene of the hanging Bullock and The Captain arrive on the scene to find the body. Gordon is seemingly MIA as Bullock covers for him. Before she leaves, the Captain reminds Bullock of the heat that’s coming their way after arresting Flass.

Back at Gordon’s apartment, James runs into the Selina who’s been squatting at the place off and on. Gordon offers to send Kyle to a safehouse but she’s not having any of it and jumps off the building.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce is visited by Gordon, and the two discuss what’s happened over that past six episodes. Bruce tells Gordon to stop investigating his parents murder as he plans to find the killers on his own. And whom would you pick to solve a murder? A cop with years of experience or a 10 year old who doesn’t even shave yet. Detective Conan he isn’t.

From the Manor to a cabin in the woods, Maroni and Penguin are having awkward man-to-man time. Maroni tries to get Penguin to admit he’s working for both sides. As time goes on this looks more and more like a mob hit.

Bullock continues the case and seemingly tries to hit on one of the victims friends. As the two talk, Bullock finds out that the victim was scared of heights and was attending a meeting for the Phobia’d. Maybe someone was trying to find out more about human fear? (epic foreshadowing)

Our murder continues to be an all around dick as he picks up his next victim by scaring him with a baby pig. Are people scared of baby pigs? According to the Google Swinophobia is a real thing, but I’m not convinced.

Chasing a random lead, Gordon and Bullock find the Swinaphobe and save him from three pigs and a man in a Pig Mask. Sadly it wasn’t Professor Pyg, but that could be a whole other messed up episode.

While the pigs play, Fish is on a boat. And she’s lying down. I’m really happy they didn’t give her character some time off (heavy sarcasm).

Adding to the episodes weirdness is Edward Nygma. This week he’s play double duty as tries to do an autopsy on the murder victim, shockingly it wasn’t apprenticed by the real coroner. Edward is suspended.

Back at the shack, Penguin steals Maroni’s gun and their argument gets a little heated until Penguin figures out the revolver is filled with blanks. Cobblepot then gets beaten down pretty good.

Meanwhile, the case thickens as the second victim informs Gordon that there’s another kidnapper at large. While Jim tries to get Bullock on the phone, Harvey is trying to mac on a lady during the fear meeting. Only one of the people at the meeting is (dramatic pause) the murderer.

Filling out the final minutes of the show; Penguin is nearly killed by Maroni but worms his way out of it through blackmail, Nygma breaks into the locker of the corner and plants a bunch of hands while Gordon helps save Harvey’s lady friend, but in the process the killer gets away. Gordon then celebrates his lack of catching the killer by making out with Leslie Thompkins. One of these things is not like the other.

Finally the episode finishes with the boat Fish is on being hijacked by Pirates…from Batman to Captain Phillips for little to no reason.

This weeks episode was a lot better from the past weeks adventure. The story was fast and introduced some more characters that will be important down the road. The one thing that nags at me is the fact that for an episode titled Dr. Crane, we don’t actually hear anyone call him that. That’s a little odd to me at least. But all in all it was good.