Elena, Clay and Nick are on the search for Malcolm Danvers, the former pack Alpha and Jeremy’s father, and finds out that Malcolm is having a meet up for anyone interested in joining Malcolm as he takes on the pack. Jeremy meets with the Russian Alpha and speaks about the problem, and he makes it clear that they lack confidence in Jeremy as Pack Leader because of the Mutt Uprising and the deaths caused in season one. They give Jeremy a week to find Malcolm, or the Russians will will find him and kill him and take over Jeremy’s Pack.

Jeremy realizes that the Russian pack has been helping Malcolm with his plans, thanks to a conversation that he has with the Russian Alpha who stays behind to help Jeremy with Malcolm.

Elena is avoiding deal with Phillip’s death, and throwing herself into the search for Malcolm. Attempting to deal with her grief, she murders Malcolm’s henchman who admits to killing Phillip. Clay and Elena are ambushed at the meet up for Malcolm’s followers, who say they are there for ‘the one true cursed, Malcolm Danvers.’ They all have a strange mark on their necks, and don’t seem to feel pain when Elena and Clay attack them.

Logan, who’s off the grid looking for Rachel, Clay and Elena all head to Rochester in hopes that’s where Malcolm has set up his head quarters. Nick heads back to help Jeremy deal with the Russian Alpha, who Nick finds evidence of his funding of Malcolm to take over the American Pack. Before anyone can get to Malcolm, his headquarters is ripped apart and most of his cronies end up dead.

This season don’t seem to be holding back any punches, starting off with a couple of sex scenes and a number of deaths within the first half hour. Logan’s desperation to get Rachel back, Elena’s avoidance of her grief and guilt over Phillip, and their need to find Malcolm adds a lot of tension to the story line. The premier has done little to answer the questions fans were left with at the finale of the first season, and formed a million more.