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Last week on the show; Fish went on a boat and was attacked by pirates…or something. Penguin used his phone to avoid being murdered and Gordon/Bullock failed to do their jobs by letting the bad guy get away. Let’s see what happens this week on the Jim Gordon and Friend Hour.

Once again this post will be a more blow by blow recapping of the episode. 

We open on a stormy night in Gotham as a well dressed man returns home to find he isn’t alone. Two men enter to his house and seem to scare the hell out of him. Moments later we cut to Fish whose in a prison somewhere. Why? Cause pirates or whatever. Back in town Gordon and Thompkins are finishing a date. Gordon seems shocked when Leslie tells him, she was hired at the GCPD, which is dumb cause he literally suggested she apply two episodes ago.

Gordon then arrives at a crime scene were we see the well dressed man from before, dead. With the same parts of his body missing we see our killer (totally not Dr. Crane) grinding some body part and injecting himself…suddenly Venom doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce is packing a bag for a trip of some kind. While Alfred offers to go with him, Bruce choices to go on his own. It seems that Bruce is continuing the family tradition of hiking somewhere in the Gotham area. At Fish’s place Falcone more or less pushes Penguin to reopen the bar under his keep.

Back at the GCPD, Bullock warns Gordon on how bad office romances usually are. The two soon find a lead on the case and leave. In the woods with Bruce, he starts his Jedi training or whatever and starts to mess around with rocks. The investigation continues as the detectives go to Cranes old work. After asking a few questions the two are shown paper that Crane wrote which seems to correspond with the murders. In order to cure fear, he’s causing fear in his victim and uses their adrenal glands to create a chemical compound. As it turns out, it’s cause the adverse reaction leading to hallucinations…sound familiar?

Fish Mooney on the boat in her own special, room.


On the rich side of town, Falcone and Maroni are hanging out. While Falcone had seemed to defend Penguin, he seemingly sells him out by agreeing that Cobblepot should die. Penguin now at the GCPD tries to give Gordon an invitation to his clubs reopening however he’s stared down by Nygma. The two have an awkward meeting, but Penguin asserts his dominance over the future fellow criminal. When Cobblepot does find Gordon, the two have a heated discussion which ends with Penguin still inviting him. Spoiler alert, Gordon has other plans.

Back with the Cranes, the Doctor injects his son, Jonathan, with the compound and it goes about as well as you’d guess. Back on the spirit walk, Bruce ends up nearly killing himself, thus proving that Alfred should of just went with him, way to go kid. Bruce now with a wrecked ankle fashions a splint and tries to crawl home.

Falcone and Maroni continue to hammer out their deal over Penguin. In order to save Penguin, Falcone frames a judge that Maroni hates for a murder of a young boy…clearly someone watched the second Godfather film. In the investigation, Bullock and Gordon look deeper into the murder of Crane’s wife. It seems that despite the story that she died in a crash it was a fire that killed her. Instead of saving her, the Doctor watched on in fear as his house burned.

Speaking of the Crane’s, Jonathan isn’t a fan of having odd chemicals pumped into his body and tries to run away from his father. But before he’s gone his father talks him into another dose with the shot lingering on a scarecrow on the grounds. Do you think it could mean something? (these show runners are so subtle)

Wrapping up the episode; Fish murders the alpha male in the prison, Gordon and Bullock shoot Dr. Crane but only after he injects whats left of the fear toxin into his son. Bruce drags himself to a camp site where Alfred is hanging out. Penguin opens his club with little to no one showing up. For some reason the club has a generic punk band playing. Maroni then tells Cobblepot that once Falcone is gone, he’s gonna be next. Finally things look grim for Fish and the prisoners as on is returned to the group without her eyes.

As a whole, this wasn’t a bad episode of the show. The Fish parts didn’t really amount to anything but it featured a fun meeting of two future rouges and for some reason that was pretty awesome. I’m hoping for more of these little meeting in the future episodes to come.