The episode begins with a bit of background on Clayton before he was bitten, where Clay meets a werewolf for the first time and is chased through the woods after the werewolf threatens to eat/kill him. Instead, Clay get’s bitten and the wolf if scared off by a hunter’s shot.10981865_10152781723246225_4235515029245466947_n

Logan keeps an eye on Malcolm, who the pack has locked in the cage in the basement to keep him alive to find out what he knows. Meanwhile, Clay goes to speak to a Professor who specializes in symbols to find out what the symbol means that they found in the house where Malcolm was hiding. The Professor mentions witchcraft, and points Clay in the direction of an Miss Yurooba, who is a expert on witchcraft.

Jeremy brings Rodrigo to show him that Malcolm is alive, and Rodrigo offers to kill Malcolm to thank Jeremy for sparing his life when Jeremy figured out that Rodrigo had backed Malcolm and his Mutt uprising. Jeremy kills Rodrigo instead, in an attempt to scare Malcolm into talking. But, is interrupted by something showing up.

Malcolm tells Jeremy that something is coming for them, even though no one knows that werewolves exist. Malcolm also holds the whereabouts of Rachel as a bargaining chip to get out of Stonehaven alive, though Jeremy doesn’t bite.

The witches attack Jeremy, Nick, Elena and Logan at Stonehaven to get to Malcolm. But, Logan thwarts their plan before they can get a hold of him. Not before one of them puts a spell on Nick, which makes him believe his eyes are bleeding. Malcolm admits to having been attacked before in a similar fashion, and admits that he doesn’t know where Rachel is.

Meanwhile, Clay ends up back at the trailer where he grew up. Clay finds out that his mother, Elle, was killed by a wolf and his father killed himself shortly after he found out. Clay brings back a book with the answers Malcolm was looking for, and the Pack summons the witches to Stonehaven.

Elena get’s an unexpected visitor in the shape of Phillip’s sister, Diane, who she meets in town for coffee to talk. Elena tells her lies to attempt to soothe his sister’s need for answers, and admits that she knows who’s fault Phillip’s death was.

The show is defiantly taking an interesting take on the story, considering that fans of the books never even read about Clay’s background until Men of the Otherworld. The book went into the back story of Jeremy, Clay and Malcolm of the Pack.