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How everyone should sit to watch the circus.


This episode opens with a look at several of our characters. Bruce is staying in tune with what he’s been doing for the whole series and takes a nap. Penguin’s at his new bar, the Not IceBerg Lounge. While Penguin is in charge of said bar, he doesn’t understand that he needs people who are entertaining of stage as his mother is singing a song poorly during their prime business hours. There’s something friggin weird about The Cobblepot’s, it creeps me out. Fish is still in the weird jail as she tries to command her army of dying people. Again, Fish is still not really all that interesting.

Additionally this episode marks the return of Barbara, Gordon’s old girlfriend and possibly a more useless character that Bruce. She returns home to find Selina Kyle and Ivy squatting at her place. She’s not amazed by the two young children eating her food but rather that Jim wouldn’t be around after she ran away like three months ago.

At the Circus, Jim and his new lady friend Lesile Thompkins are enjoying the show. Featured are, of course, the Flying Greyson’s. Remember them? Dick Greyson? Robin? Aren’t the show runners super subtle? However, the fun is ruined when a drunk clown starts a fight, Jim steps in and does his cop shtick.

Turns out that of the more talkative carnies are Dick’s future parents, however it doesn’t stop them from being assholes. The fight was seemingly based around a family rivalry and a snake dancer…like all good fist fights should. Instead of finding said dancer, we’re introduced to her son, (oh god this lame excuse for a character is gonna be Joker isn’t it?) Jerome. After one look at this kid it’s pretty clear that whatever happens, is this kids fault. He says that his mom is missing so to find her, Jim, and I shit you not, releases her snake and follows it to her body.

Back in jail, Fish tries to rally her army of cripples. She more or less tells them that most won’t live through their escape plan, and yells something about family. Why am I suppose to care again?

Back at the carnival, it turns out that the victim was moved by the head of the circus. Now making this a real case, Jim starts arresting people (like you do). Jim interviews not Joker and it’s becoming super clear that this guy is probably the killer as he seems to have an odd look on his mothers sex life. While I would make a joke about this being a lame version of Norman Bates, that show already exists on another network.

Back on the Lloyd/Greyson feud it turns out the bloodied is over a stolen horse…I’m trying to remember why I watch this show.

In a nutshell this episode isn’t great so let’s power through this together; Jim figures out that Joker man is the killer, Zsasz gives over a brainwashed Butch to Penguin to run his club, Barbara finds out the Jim moved on to a hotter lady friend, Fish still doesn’t do anything and Bruce has a board meeting where he voices concern over their clearly evil actions.

So, this one was bad…like Balloon Man bad. The insertion of the Joker in this story just demonstrates that this show is useless. Why do we care about Jokers backstory? Why is it so lame? Why does it take 21 plus minutes for said blind fortune teller to appear?

While it’s understandable for a Fox to make a episode based around the most iconic villain, this one can off as sloppy and at time just down right dull. It’s episodes like this that make me question why this show was even green lit.

Let’s move on.


Our next episode opens with a bank heist…a funky one. In a Tarantino moment the robbers stop to have a conversation as they mock one of the robbers for wearing a red hood. In another Pulp Fiction moment, the hood is nearly killed but all of a guards bullets miss him in a comedic fashion. To avoid escape, the hood throws some of their score to people distracting the police. Now at the bank Gordon and Bullock look over the footage and figure out that this crew had been plaining the job for some time.

At Wayne Manor, one of Alfred’s old army friends shows up. While the two are friendly, Alfred seems hesitant about him. Almost like there’s a history there.

On the case, Jim uses his detective work to connect one of the hoods to a auto repair shop. By the time they get there the crew haves moved onto a new job. However, they do find the body of original hood who was killed for more or less being a dick.

In the jail, Fish meets with one of the people running the facility. She tries to negotiate with the scary people who can seemingly kill them at any moment. Not a great idea on paper or in practice. I’ll say it again, why should I care about Fish?

At Penguins bar, we find out that his bar is dry after Maroni cuts off their liquor supply. Penguin doesn’t ask for the help of a brainwashed Butch and plans on just shooting people to get his booze. Despite this, it’s Butch’s quick thinking that gets the job done. While he’s dumb, Cobblepot is still my favourite part of this show, and for some reason it’s hard to explain why at times.

At the second robbery, our new Hood leads the crew and is forced into doing more of the same theatrics as the original. Despite their crimes the Hoods seem to become popular with the average person as they hand out money they steal. That being said, a witness comes forward and gives a description of one of the crew.

Back at the Manor, Alfred’s friend tries to help Bruce with his training. The whole thing seems weird as he pushes Bruce further and further like JK Simmons in Whiplash. Alfred breaks up the lesson before Bruce has a chair thrown at his head. It’s clear that Alfred’s friend isn’t so stable.

Rounding out the episode; Barbara continues to do nothing with her life but play dress up with Ivy and Selina Kyle, Fish literally cuts out one of her eyes (again I’m not really sure why), the Hood gang continue to implode by killing each other leading to Jim and Harvey stopping their last heist, Penguin and Butch start to get along, Alfred gets stabbed trying to stop his friend from robbing them and it turns out that Wayne Enterprises was responsible for the whole thing (dramatic music).

It’s kind of amazing that such a good episode could follow up one of the worst in the series. The episode had fun character development and used a character from the Batman Rouges Gallery quite well. Something the last one failed to do.