As I missed last weeks episode of Bitten, this post will be a combination of last weeks episode, Hell’s teeth, and this weeks episode, Dead Meat.


Hell’s Teeth

Episode 3 begins with a bit of history on the witches and explains why they are after Malcolm, and how Savannah was kidnapped by a demon named Alistair.  Paige and Savannah can communicate with each other, and Savannah told the witches that a werewolf gave up Malcolm’s name and Alistair went after him at Rochester where he got a hold of Rachel.

The Pack attempts to follow Malcolm’s scent to find where the witches took him, but lose the scent quickly which means that they won’t have Malcolm for when the Alpha Council comes back. Jeremy finds a ring that Ruth had left in Stonehaven by accident in the previous episode, and attempts to use it as a bargaining tool. (That fails.)

The Pack and the Witches make a deal to set a trap for Alistair, the witches wanting to find out where Savannah is and they will use Malcolm as bait. Once the witches have Alistair, they will hand Malcolm over to the Pack.

While waiting to meet the Witches, Jeremy, Elena and Clay have a visitor who’s sniffing around for the Alpha that Jeremy had killed to show Malcolm what happens to traitors. Not wanting his death to seem like a declaration of war, Elena and Clay quickly dispose of the body that was in the War room in the basement.

Clay struggles with the information about his parents, and confesses how Malcolm slaughtered his Mother.

During the trap at the barn, a witch is murdered, and one member of the pack is kidnapped while the other dies before the rest of the Pack member gets to them.

Dead Meat

Elena wakes up in a room by herself, branded with the same symbol Clay and her had seen in the past. After attempting to find a means of escape from her prison, she gets a couple of visitors who take her to have tests run on her. The Doctor tells Elena how excited they are to find out that there’s a female werewolf, and how crucial she will be for whatever they have planned.

Back at Stonehaven, the Pack is desperately searching for her through any means they have, and Paige reaches out to Savannah in an attempt to get some answers about Elena. Savannah meets up with Alistair afterwards, where Alistair seems to be brain washing Savannah about the witches.

Logan managed to sneak onto the compound after the trap that the witches and the Pack had set for Alistair, and he sets out to find Rachel. He manages to break her out of her room, and they have to stop from running off the grounds when the brand on Rachel’s neck hurts too much for her to continue.

Ruth decides to use some Dark Magic in an attempt to get some answers, even though Paige adamantly fights against her decision. The two also agree that Alistair is a witch, and someone broke the commandment to make that happen. Jeremy quickly figures it out as well, and finds out that Ruth doesn’t know who made Alistair or who he actually is.

Elena attempts to reach out to Savannah, but Savannah doesn’t believe her because of the lies that Alistair has convinced her to believe. Elena is knocked out, and wakes up in a cage where she’s meant to fight a fellow werewolf so that they can observe combat between wolves.

It’s also their attempt to force Elena to change, as they want to get a vile of her blood while she’s a wolf.

As the episodes progress, the story line continues to just draw me in. Obviously, there’s parts that weren’t in the books that the writers added. But, it’s interesting and I could see this happening in the world that Kelley Armstrong created.