After being stabbed by Reggie, Alfred is in the hospital while Detective Jim Gordon attempts to find out who did it. But, Alfred has his own ideas about who’s going to find Reggie.

Gotham-Preview-Everybody-Has-A-Cobblepot-VIDEOFish Mooney wakes up after she took out her own eye, and meets Doctor Fancis Dulmacher. She attempts to make the Doctor make her his second in command, who turns her down flat.

A cop that Gordon arrested for murder is cleared of all charges, Arnold Flass, who is a drug dealer also, and going to run for president of the Police Officer’s Union. Gordon finds out that his partner, Detective Harvey Bullock, was the one who gave the evidence to get Flass exonerated on the murder charges.

Harvey tells Gordon that Gillian B. Loeb, the Police Commissioner, has a ‘Cobblepot’ on almost all of the Police Officers in Gotham. Meaning that he has dirt on all of them, and can force any of them to do what he wants.  Gordon reaches out to Harvey Dent with his information, explaining that it’s the source of Loeb’s power against the cops. They attempt to make a plan to steal his power, and they reach out to Loeb’s old partner when he was on homicide together.

Fish does manage to make a deal with the Doctor, to get the people in the basement to come willingly and to give up the guard they have as a prisoner.

Selina Kyle goes to visit Bruce and Alfred in the hospital, who Bruce tells the truth about Alfred’s injuries. He also tells her his suspicions on Reggie, and who sent him to spy on him and Alfred.

Even though I haven’t been able to review the past few episode for work and personal issues, Gotham still keeps my attention. The different story lines are intriguing, and the histories of major characters later on is quite interesting. Even if they are a little obvious.