In a world where nerds rule the world, and jocks read comic books: high school senior. Bianca Piper thought that people were past the idea of labeling each other. But, she realizes after a discussion with her neighbor and childhood friend, Wesley Rush, she finds out that she’s quite wrong.

Wesley informs her that she is her best friends DUFF (the designated ugly, fat friend), and obviously becomes offended. Even though Wesley tries to explain that anyone could be a DUFF, and they don’t necessarily need to be fat or ugly. Just, less hot than their friends. She also becomes angry with her friends, Casey and Jess, thinking that they had somehow made her into their frumpy friend to make themselves look better.

With the help of Wesley, she attempts to shed her DUFF title and become a ‘girl the boys want to date’. Unfortunately, local mean girl, Madison, has a vendetta out against Bianca because she’s spending time with Wesley and posts a video of Bianca gushing about a boy she likes.

With Homecoming quickly approaching, Bianca begins to learn some crucial life lessons. People are going to label you, and there’s nothing that you can do about it. It’s how you label yourself that matters, and if people can’t see that then they aren’t worth your time.

The DUFF was actually quite refreshing, and is a story I could relate to really well. Bianca is a self proclaimed weirdo, and she’s completely okay with herself until Wesley informs her of her DUFF title. She realized trying to change herself wasn’t the way to go, and even got the boy worth her time in the end.

When I was in high school, I noticed that people felt a huge need to label you. It was quite frustrating for most people that I couldn’t be labeled, and it wasn’t until grade 11 or 12 that someone finally said I was a bookworm. It didn’t change how I saw myself, because I already knew that about myself. But, if someone had of told me I was a DUFF, it may have.