Since I’m three episode behind, I’m going to review Rabbit Hole and Nine Circles in this post, review Bad Dreams in a separate post and review the new one this Saturday when it airs.

Rabbit Hole


Rabbit Hole begins with a flash back of when Aleistir meets Doctor Sondra Baur, after she’s fired from her previous job when it’s found out that she’d doing experiments on animals. Back to the present, Doctor Baur has injected herself with Elena’s wolf blood, and is not doing well.

Clay seeks out Baur’s old job, while Paige and Nick search up the man that she was going to live with after she was fired.

Back at the compound, Aleistir meets with Savannah to teach her more about her blossoming powers. It’s shown that Aleistir is actually performing the spells he’s teaching Savannah, making it seem like she’s doing it. Elena tries to explain the Change to Baur as she begins to experience changes, and starts her Change slowly and painfully.

Cut to Rachel, where they are injecting her with Savannah’s blood to assist in her brainwashing. Baur admits Alesistir’s plan to Elena, admitting that he is planning on injecting Savannah with Elena’s blood because she’s the chosen one. Aleistir tells his story of being abandoned on a Church’s stoop, and of his adopted family. They believed that he was possessed, and attempted to beat his powers out of his.

It turns out that Rachel was pretending to be brain washed, and she explores the compound while Baur chased Savannah around in her feral form. Rachel manages to break the spell that Aleistir has put on his zombies, and erases the marks that they have on them.

Paige explains that a male witch is against the rules, as it’s destined that a male witch will bring the downfall of female witches. Ruth tells Clay and Jeremy that the seventh son of the seventh son, the first werewolf, was cursed by a witch that set off the witches Dooms day.

Nine Circles

Nine Circles starts with another flashback, but this one goes back 30 years into the witches past. Ruth Winterborne has gone into labour, and reaches out to another witch for help. She’s given birth to a boy, and instead of killing him the other witch drops him on the stoop of a local Church.

Rachel and Logan are reunited in one of the cells, and she confronts Logan about seeing Elena change into a wolf. He admits that he is also a werewolf, and that their baby will change into a wolf just like his Father. After escaping, Logan and Rachel attempt to take down the invisible force field so that they can get off the compound.

Aleistir casts a spell on Elena, wanting to see if she could break herself instead of him having to do it. During the spell, Elena manages to escape her cell and goes into Savannah’s. She gets out and begins to walk the compound, where she suffers a number of hallucinations.

The Pack and the Witches are on the search for the Compound, and the search leads them to Quebec. Jeremy and Ruth’s leads to a dead end, while Clay and Paige continue to search in vain.

Since Savannah has come into her powers, Aleistir plans the ritual that will begin the Undoing. Elena interrupts the ritual, and sends a signal to Clay and Paige the location of the compound.