11735983After fleeing the city once she managed to turn off the simulation that the Erudite had put the Dauntless under and with a handful of Abnegation, her brother, Caleb, and Four, Tris and her group of refuges end up at the Amity compound outside of the city.

During this time, Amity decides to not participate in the battle that ensues and offers their compound as a refuge to anyone else who would like to stay out of the fighting. Tris also must decide if she is going to trust Marcus Eaton, the only Abnegation elder left and Four’s Father.

Eventually, Tris and Four get sick of Amity and feel like they must leave. They go to find the loyal Dauntless, who have taken up residence in Candor’s compound. Once there, they are arrested and put under truth serum so that they can be cleared as war criminals. After Tris admits her involvement in the death of her friend Will, she stays with her fellow Dauntless until the compound is attacked by Dauntless Traitors who have sided with Erudite.

Instead of trying to kill the Dauntless, the Traitors throw a gas that knocks everyone out except for the Divergent. They round them up, and say that they are going to take two back with them. But, most of the Dauntless that stay with Candor end up with a serum inside of them that they all assume has them ready for a simulation later on.

A battle does ensue once the Loyal Dauntless decide to take down Erudite, and storm their building with a large army of Factionless. Although, Tris, Christina and Marcus who go directly for Jeanine and the information that she wants to destroy.

This was a very good sequeal to Divergent, he was interesting and action packed. It had me on the edge of my seat for most of the book, and even when it didn’t I was caught up in what was happening. It makes me really want to read the third one, but I likely won’t until I go out and see Insurgent in theatres.