Seconds follows Katie, a young chef who’s been saving up to start up her second resturant after the success of her first resturant, Seconds. But, to get enough money she has had to make a lot of sacrifices. She lives in a small apartment above Seconds, she broke up with her boyfriend, Max, and she doesn’t really have any friends as they’ve all moved on since Seconds opened.

During the construction of her new restaurant, Katie’s, the construction seems to be stalled. The old building that Katie had her heart set on seems to be more of a money trap than anything, as the old building seems to be having small improvements. She just wants to start her new restaurant, to cook and to have all of her hard work pay off.

After looking through her old dresser during a dream, Katie finds a box with a mushroom, a note pad, and rule book. It states that she can rewrite a wrong, but she can only rewrite one. She chooses to rewrite an accident that had happened in the kitchen earlier that day, as it resulted in someone getting oil burns on her arms.

Unfortnately, who could just use something like that one? Katie uses it a number of times, each time resulting in her being transported to a completely different world that includes her restaurant and the events that she changed.

By the end of the book, Katie grasps the bigger message. That you have to accept that things are the way they are, and you can’t change that. All you can do is accept this, and hope that things will be better.

Seconds is probably one of my new favourite graphic novels, and it had my favourite Scott Pilgrim moment in it as well. It was funny, interesting and even managed to teach the reader something about past mistakes.