Jeremy fixes Clay up after he breaks through Alesiter’s possession, admitting that Aleister, along with Ruth, are surprised that Clay survived the possession spell. Ruth tells them that Aleister has begun the Undoing, and if they do not kill Aleister by sunrise all the witches will be dead.

Logan goes to visit Rachel, even though she told him that she needs space since finding out what Logan is, and she admits to Logan that she aborted the baby. Later, Logan is recruited for a no rules Fight Club where he runs into an old enemy of the Pack.

Savannah wakes up with Clara, the witch that told Aleister who he truly was, after Aleister kidnapped her in the previous episode. Ruth uses Dark Magic in an attempt to kill Aleister to stop the Undoing, and Aleister contacts her to tell her that it wouldn’t work.

Jeremy and Ruth realized that as the witches get closer and closer to dying, something is happening to the werewolves. They are not healing as quickly as they normally do, and are losing control of being able to change or not. They deduce that the werewolf curse is being lifted, and by dawn they will either be a wolf or a human depending on what form they are in.

Nick, Elena, Paige and Clay look into Clara’s home, and stumble onto Aleister’s ‘Play room.’ They find a recording of what Clara and Aleister did in the room, and figure out what they are planning. While Nick and Paige are locked in the Play room, and someone comes looking for the ‘cursed ones.’

Rachel calls Logan later and admits that she lied about aborting the baby, and that there is something is happening to him. Logan brings Rachel to Jeremy, as the curse being lifted is affecting her and putting her into a lot of pain.

This season continually has me guessing about the plot twists, and I’m only able to guess them as they are happening. The story lines they’ve chosen to do differently than Kelley Armstrong did in the books are interesting, and add layers I never thought could be added to the story.