I’ve been trying to keep up with reviewing the episodes, but I’ve fallen behind. But, with school ending for my in the coming weeks, I should be able to keep up to date on reviewing Bitten and able to add other shows to be reviewed, as well.

Bad Dreams


After they are rescued from Aleister’s compound, Elena and the others attempt to heal from the horrors they had faced. Paige goes back to the compound to destroy the tool that Aleister used to keep everyone there, along with Nick who also destroys everything they could find.

The Alpha Committee come back and reject Jeremy’s evidence that Malcolm is really dead, as they are worried that there might be lose ends. Jeremy must tell them the entire story, to make sure that no one alive could tell the secret of the werewolves. They want to meet Elena, who was the one to kill Malcolm.

Paige and Nick take a detour on the way back to visit Nick’s mom, Lily, who tells Nick and Paige the story of how she lost Nick and Antonio when she was young. Unknowingly, Nick’s life is threatened by the Spanish Alpha, Eduardo, who blackmails Jeremy into killing the Russian Alpha, Roman.

Savannah shows up at Stonehaven after having a vision that Elena will die, which complicates the situation with the Alphas. Savannah shows Elena her vision, and Roman insists that Savannah much be killed because she knows their secret.

Later, Lily confronts Nick about who she thinks he is. Nick panics about Lily knowing who he is, and also realizes that another werewolf is in town because of him. While attempting to bait the werewolf out, he shows up with Lily in tow instead and she sees Nick in his wolf form.

Clay follows Eduardo to a meet with Karl Marsden, who was apart of Malcolm’s plan to overthrow Jeremy as the American Pack Alpha. Clay confronts Marsden once the meeting is over, and he tells Clay that Eduardo wants to kill Jeremy to take over the American Pack’s territory.

In a botched execution of Eduardo after Elena and Jeremy prove to Roman that he is conspiring to get more territory, Savannah’s vision comes true as one of Eduardo’s pack members dies. Seeing what Savannah can do convinced Roman to choose to keep the witches as allies, and the Spanish pack is disbarred.

Dark Arts


Aleister, who’s possessing Clay’s body to get Savannah after her initiation from the witches, pretends to have been attacked when he was chasing after Eduardo in the woods as Jeremy told him to. Clay (being controlled by Aleister) insists that Paige and Ruth do Savannah’s initiation at Stonehaven, as they deem her dangerous after killing the man the previous night.

Paige, Ruth and Savannah begin Savannah’s initiation, and Savannah requests that Elena be present during the first stage of it. ‘Clay’ warns Elena to stay away from Savannah until she has her talisman, and the Pack helps the witches set up for her initiation.

‘Clay’ starts a fight with Nick when he attempts to move Savannah’s hut closer to Stonehaven like Jeremy told them to, and blames the witches for tearing them apart. Jeremy and Elena confront Clay about his behaviour, and he tells Jeremy about Elena’s time on the compound. ‘Clay’ also tells Jeremy that Rachel saw Elena transform, and that Elena’s and Savannah’s bond seems to only be getting stronger.

When Jeremy confronts Elena about what ‘Clay’ told him, she admits that only Rachel, Aleister and her knew that she was forced to change in front of her. The two go to where Jeremy and Nick found Clay in the morning, where they stumble onto where Aleister had been.

While the real Clay wanders around his subconscious, even though he should have died long ago. He encounters his younger self and Malcolm, who tell him to fight smart to get his body back. In an attempt to regain control of his body, Clay attempts to confront his past to set himself free.

Elena admits to Paige about how Clay has been acting differently, and how she thinks that Clay may be under a spell or something. Paige soothes Elena’s worries, and tells her to talk to Clay about anything that may be bothering him/her. Elena does some research into dark witches, and finds out what Aleister did to Clay.

Ruth tells Jeremy that Possessions Spells are fatal to those being possessed, and there’s no way to get Clay back because Aleister destroyed Clay’s soul. (At this time, no one knows that Clay is still alive in his self conscious and fighting to gain control of his body.)