18335634In this finale to the Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare, Tessa Gray finally gets the answers she’s been seeking since she stepped off the boat to London in search of her brother and was kidnapped by the Dark Sisters and was told that she would marry the Magister.

It’s been two months since Clockwork Prince, and things are calm for the moment. Tessa and Jem’s wedding preparations are going smoothly, Will is training his sister, Cecily, to be a Shadowhunter as she tries adamantly to convince him to leave the London Institute and go home with her, Gideon’s feelings for Sophie continue to flourish without Sophie’s knowledge, and Charlotte’s pregnancy continues with Henry and Charlotte continuing to fight over the baby’s name.

But, the moment of peace is broken by the appearance of Gabriel Lightwood, who admits that his father has succumb to demon pox since Mortmain stopped giving him the drugs to prolong his life and has become some sort of worm demon that is killing everyone at the Lightwood mansion. The Shadowhunters, and Tessa, head out to face the elder Lightwood and the visit results in a death that is hard for some of the Shadowhunters to come to terms with.

After the altercation at the Lightwood manor, Gideon and Gabriel are approached by Consul Wayland to spy on Charlotte and to report to him with any of her wrongdoing so that a new head of the Institute can be appointed. The Consul admits he only appointed Charlotte because he believed that she could be manipulated to do as he wanted, and she has proven to be difficult instead of doing as he pleased.

After attacking the Institute, Mortmain’s automatons manage to kidnap Tessa and bring her to Mortmain’s hide out in Cadair Idris. That is where Mortmain finally tells Tessa that her Mother was kidnapped as a baby from a Shadowhunter family, and was raised without the knowledge of being a Shadowhunter or the Marks that Shadowhunters get. Mortmain sent a demon to impregnate Tessa’s mother (who went to her in the shape of her husband), which would create the first Shadowhunter and warlock as any children born of Shadowhunter and demon blood are stillborns. Mortmain hoped that because Tessa’s mother didn’t bear any of the Shadowhunter marks, the baby wouldn’t end up being a stillborn. Mortmain also tells Tessa that he wants her to marry him to create a new race of warriors, and threatens to kill the Shadowhunters Tessa had grown close with if she refused.

Will sets out after Tessa when Jem becomes too sick to go after her himself, and the two part with the acceptance that Jem wouldn’t be alive by the time Will made it back with Tessa. Halfway through the journey, Will feels Jem’s death when the seal of their parabatai rune is broken and it begins to bleed. Will travels blindly the rest of the way until he finds Tessa, who ultimately saves herself and all of the Shadowhunters from Mortmain’s automatons.

I’ve grown to hate endings to book series, because the ending never seems good enough as the read of the book. But, this series kind of made me change my thinking about endings. All of my questions were answered about Tessa and the other characters, and the story connects to Clare’s Infernal Devices series pretty well. I thoroughly enjoyed this series, a little bit more than Clare’s other series, and was not disappointed with her ending. Clare mastered being able to keep Team Will and Team Jem members happy, and that is quite a talent.