The Pack goes to the Catacombs, where Ruth has gone to call on the magic from witches before her, and attempt to protect her while she attempts to kill Aliester. They go to the Ritual Room with Ruth, as they need a Coven witch to get in. The Pack struggles against the desire to change, because if they are wolves by morning than that is what they will remain as.

Aleister, Savannah and Clara finally manage to find Ruth as she’s casting the spell to kill Aleister. During this time, Aleister puts Paige under a spell and she attempts to kill Elena. Paige manages to break the spell with Elena’s help, and the two set off to find Ruth.

In the Ritual Room, Aleister manages to make Ruth break her circle and stops the spell that was meant to kill him. Ruth apologizes for abandoning Aleister, and for what happened to him while he was a child.

Paige and Elena manage to find the Ritual Room, but struggle to get in as Paige’s powers are weak because of dawn’s approach. Elena goes in without Paige, as the door can only be opened by a Coven witch. Paige warns Elena that if she can’t kill Aleister, than she must come to terms with having to kill Savannah to stop the Undoing from happening.

Meanwhile, Clay and Zachary Cain deal with guards that are under Aleister’s control while they attempt to get to the Ritual Room. Cain sacrifices himself so that Clay can go after Elena, while Nick and Jeremy also struggle with the guards.

Using the knife that Aleister stabbed her with, Elena manages to cut a bug out of Savannah that Aleister was using to control her. Clara and Aleister take Savannah with them, leaving Ruth and Elena in the Ritual Room. Clay finds Elena, and she succumbs to her injuries in his arms.

Clay goes after Aleister in his wolf form, not caring if he is stuck as a wolf forever with Elena gone. Ruth uses her magic in an attempt to bring Elena back, and to kill Aleister once and for all. Once back, Elena goes after Clay and Savannah while Paige mourns for her mother.

Savannah and Paige work together to kill Aleister, putting an end to him and the Undoing.

It was an interesting season, to say the least. The writers take on Kelley Armstrong’s book was a different take, but still a good one. It opened up great stories for characters, even though they killed off quite a number of them. I hope Bitten gets renewed for another season, because I would be very interested to see where they take the story.