Ep. 19 Beasts of Prey


Fish Mooney attempts to find a way off the island after securing her place as the Doctors assistant, and she takes a stroll outside where she meets the Catcher. Fish brings in some of the people from the basement to help with her escape plan, which takes some convincing on her part.

Detective Jim Gordon goes to visit Bruce Wayne at the Wayne Manor, while Alfred continues to recover from the attack on him. Gordon confronts Wayne about who attacked Alfred, knowing that Wayne is covering things up because Alfred wants to go after the man who attacked him.

An Officer approaches Gordon with a gruesome and unsolved homicide that wasn’t able to be closed by the other Detectives, telling him that officers are wanting to join him in cleaning up Gotham. Gordon’s partner, Harvey Bullock, is less than thrilled to look into the case.

While investigating the homicide, Gordon and Bullock manage to find the bar where the victim was last seen and who she was with. Some of the information doesn’t quite add up, including the lack of wounds that the victim has. After Edward Nigma finds a photocopy of some lost evidence, Bullock realizes the murderer is a serial killer.

Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne go in search of Alfred’s attacker, as Alfred’s injuries proved to be worse than originally thought. The pair find the attacker in an abandoned warehouse, and find out that he was only meant to take some documents from Wayne Manor and was hired by Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors.

Fish breaks into the Doctor’s office in search of the key to the boat, and gets caught snooping by the Doctor. She sets her plan into motion, and her plan proves to have a number of different layers. During the escape, Fish ends up getting injured.

Bullock tells Gordon that the murder abducts young, pretty women and keeps them for long periods of time. The Ogre, as the detectives call him, retaliates against any police officer who looks into his crimes and kills those that they love. They find out the Commissioner Lobe wanted Gordon to take on the case, and used a police officer to give it to him.

Ep. 20 ‘Under the Knife’


Bruce and Selina get away from the crime scene where Selina pushed Alfred’s attacker out of a window to keep Bruce safe, though neither are sure if he’s alive or not. Bruce does some investigating into the Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors, focusing on Sid Bunderslaw who sent the attacker to steal Bruce’s documents.

Gordon continues his frantic search for Doctor Leslie Thompkins, who he believes the Ogre is after. Eventually, he finds her and explains the case to her. He begs her to leave Gotham, and she refuses.

Meanwhile, the Ogre is on the look out for another victim and he happens on Barbara.

Penguin reaches out to a known hit man and his crew, wanting his help in killing Salvatore Maroni and all of his lieutenants. Maroni makes a surprise visit to Penguin’s night club, and confronts Penguin’s mother about Penguin’s actions.

Gordon and Bullock sit down with another Detective who had crossed paths with the Ogre, the first Detective who had a loved one killed because he had investigated the Ogre. Gordon gets a call from the Ogre, and he threatens to kill someone that Gordon loves if he doesn’t stop investigating him. To prove that he isn’t afraid, Gordon holds a press conference to tell Gotham about the Ogre.

Bruce and Selina go to the Wayne Charity Ball together, hoping to steal Bunderslaw’s key to a safe that all of the Wayne Enterprises Board members have in their offices. Barbara also goes to the Ball, and ends up meeting up with the Ogre again. She realizes too late that the Ogre could hurt her, but is seduced by his words.

Meanwhile, Nigman confronts Officer Doherty who he believes harmed Kristen Kringle.  The Officer laughs it off, telling Nigma that women need a firm hand. Later, when Nigma attempts to stop Doherty from going into Kringle’s apartment, Nigma stabs Doherty after he refuses to leave Gotham like Nigma told him to.

The origin story of the Ogre is told by his Father to Gordon and Bullock, as the boys first murder was a rich woman who had led him to believe that he was her long lost son. When he confronted her and she laughed, the boy killed her and his Father helped him keep it under wraps.