Christmas time has come to Spence, which means that Gemma Doyle and the other girls get to go home and spend time with their families. Though, the idea of spending the holiday with her family doesn’t appeal to Gemma all that much. But, the idea of going to balls, the orchestra, and meeting the up and comers with her friends does.

But, while on vacation, Gemma does have a job to do. She needs to find the Temple in the Realms to bind them, as she previously broke the bonds. With the magic running free in the realms, anyone could take control of it.

While on the search for the Temple, Gemme, Felecity and Ann come across Pippa. Gemma knows that is bad, as souls who spend too long in the realms become corrupted and must live in the Winterlands.

Throughout the book, Gemma has to be reminded who the enemy is and who can or cannot be trusted. She must remember who are allies are, and that information comes with a prize no matter who is handing it out. She learns of her loved ones secrets, and develops some of her own.

In the end, Gemma knows that there are still battles to be fought. She knows she will come across old friends who are enemies, and she gains some allies that she will pull on later.

This is the second novel I’ve read with Gemma Doyle, and it becomes interesting each time I read about her. The time it was set is most interesting for me, because even the idea of sending a young girl away to finishing school to teach her how to be a lady was highly frowned upon. I believe there is one more book in Gemma’s story, and I eagerly look forward to reading that one.