After being presumed dead for five years, Oliver Queen found by some fisherman on an island that he had been marooned on for that time. Oliver, who was a known playboy and womanizer before he was shipwrecked, has gone through some changes on the island.

Oliver has issues adjusting once he’s back with his family, not even recognizing his own reflection. He has flashbacks from the night the ship went down, and attempts to reconnect with old friends. He reaches out to his ex girlfriend, Laural, to apologize for taking her sister, Sara, with him on the yacht.

Oliver is later kidnapped and is asked about his Father, and if he survived the accident. They are attempting to find out if Oliver’s dad, Robert, told him anything or made it to the island. He makes up a story for the Police, saying that a vigilant archer showed up and took care of the kidnappers.

After the attempted kidnapping, Oliver’s mother assigns John Diggle to protect Oliver. He quickly gives Diggle the slip, and sets up shop in a abandoned building that used to be owned by his father’s company.

Oliver becomes a masked vigilant when he dons his green hood and arrows, and goes after a corupt business man who scammed millions from the people of Starling City.

Oliver attempts to hide the changes the last five years have had on him, though his family and friends notice the change in him. He attempts to forge the relationship with his younger sister, Thea, though it;s clear that she has also changed while Oliver’s been gone.