Oliver tells the story of his death on the island, meaning that he was reborn as a weapon meant to clean up Starling City. He attempts to fulfill his Father’s dying wish: to right the wrongs that the Queen family did to gain their fortune, fight the corrupt that call Starling City home, and to bring Starling City to it’s former glory.

Meanwhile, Oliver heads to court to get his Proof of Life Declaration. He tells the story of the yacht going under, his time in the life raft, and the time on the island. After court and a confrontation with Laurel for the first time since he told her to stay away from him, Oliver manages to get away from Diggle, again.

Laurel Lance brings a civil suit against another corrupt billionaire on Oliver’s list, Martin Somers, who partakes in drug trading with the Chinese Triade to smuggle drugs into Starling City. Since Somers has the DA in his pocket, Laurel goes after him for the daughter of a man Somers had killed when he threatened to go to the police about the drugs. Oliver, as the masked vigilante, threatens Somers to confess to the murder in court.

Oliver’s mother, Moira, confronts Diggle about continuing to lose Oliver continually. Oliver makes up the lie that he is meeting with a woman, and promises to stop ducking Diggle. Diggle threatens Oliver that if he ducks out on him again, he will quit.

After putting it off after court, Oliver makes a visit to the family business. Moira and Walter push Oliver to take a leadership role in the company, which he later (publicly) denies as he would not be able to take the leadership role and honour his father’s wish to clean up the city.

Instead of confessing, Somers reaches out to the Triad who sends an assassin, China White, to kill Laurel. Oliver happens to be with Laurel when the assassin strikes, and Diggle manages to get rid of her with the help of Oliver. Later, he dons his hood and goes after Somers for sending the assassin after Laurel. Oliver gets a confession from Somers during his attack, and gives it to Police Detective Quentin Lance.