While his friends partner on the Police force is being investigated for the murder of Boulder’s controversial DA, Royal Peterson, Doctor Alan Gregory may have a patient who has connections to the murders.

A woman, Naomi Biggs, begs Gregory to take her on as a patient, though she seems wary of at times during their sessions. She tells him about her sons wouldn’t-it-be-cool games that he plays with his friend Ramp, that usually includes someone being blown up for being a defective piece in the broken justice system. She admits that the list had Peterson’s name on it, and later Gregory uses this information for the Police who find a bomb in the Peterson home.

While dealing with his ethical concerns about telling the Police, but keeping his client information secret, Gregory also attempts to figure out who else is on the list after a bomb goes off in Denver close to where Ramp lives. His fear is realized as his wife, Lauren, was involved with one of the cases that turned Ramp and his patients son, Paul, against the justice system.

The investigation picks up against Gregory’s friends case, Lucy, as evidence is found that not only places her at the house. But, places her in Royal’s bed. There’s also a secret Lucy doesn’t want made public, and she panics and runs head first into the investigation into Ramp with the help of Gregory.

Ultimately, lives are ended and people are hurt. The bombs are tied to Ramp and Lucy’s name is cleared, after it’s found out that she was being framed and used the entire time.