Oliver must bring Diggle to his secret lair to safe his life after he was poisoned in the previous episode, and ultimately must tell Diggle his secret. He admits that he is trying to save the city from dying by the hand of the elite, and asks Diggle to join his battle against the city’s elite. Diggle turns him down flat, and calls him a murderer.

During the night, Oliver has a flashback to the island when the man who saved him gives him a chicken. After he wakes up, Oliver learns about Peter Declan who is a death row inmate who was convicted of murdering his wife. In the morning, Oliver is told by Moira that Diggle quit earlier and was replaced quickly.

Oliver finds out that Declan has a connection to Jason Brodeur, one of the names on his father’s list, and Oliver decides to look into the murder that put Declan on death row. He finds out that Declan’s wife, Camille, who worked for Brodeur, was going to blow the whistle on Brodeur’s company dumping toxic waste in the Glades.

As The Hood, Oliver reaches out to Laurel to help prove that Declan is innocent. Declan explains to Laurel what happened to Camille the night of her murder, and she reaches out to her dad for the case information when she decides to help him. Laurel finds out that Camille told her supervisor about the dumping, and that he denied it during Declan’s trial.

Felicity is asked by Walter to track $2.5 million that has gone missing, even though Moira admitted that the company invested the money into a friend’s failed business a couple of years earlier. Felcitty finds out that the company didn’t exist, and that she invested into something called the Tempest.

Laurel has a lady boner for the Hood after he continues to help her with Declan’s case, even though he goes against everything she was taught to believe. After Camille’s supervisor comes forward for being assaulted by the vigilante, Laurel’s dad confronts her about siding with the Hood and doing things illegally.

Bordeur sets up a hit on Declan and Laurel at the prison about a couple of hours before Declans execution, and the Bordeur’s body guard later confesses to Camille’s murder. Laurel’s lady boner is killed when Oliver almost kills one of the inmates, and she realizes that her father’s words were true.