EclipsecoverTowards the end of her senior year at Forks High School as she applies to colleges for the fall, Bella Swan attempts to accept that her best friend, Jacob Black, doesn’t want anything to do with her since her boyfriend, Edward Cullen, came back into town after she went and saved him.

Though, she knows that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Edward, Bella struggles with her discussion to become immortal. The date she set for herself to be changed, graduation day, is quick approaching and the idea sends her into a bit of a panic when she realizes how quickly time has gone by. Along with those fears, are her torn feelings for Jacob as his pack of werewolves are sworn to kill vampires if they break the treaty that Edward’s family made with the Pack years ago.

While Bella is dealing with all of this, there’s a raising issue in Seattle as people continue to come up murdered in large numbers. The Cullens are concerned, as they believe that it is a newborn of their kind wrecking havoc, but let it goes as the Volturi hasn’t stepped in yet. As Alice hasn’t gotten any visions that the Seattle massacre is related to them, no one gives it much thought other than to intervene eventually.

Bella is the one to make the connection to the newborn army and Victoria, the scorned mate of James, who Edward killed in the first book when he decided to go after Bella. Mortal enemies band together to finish off Victoria and her newborn army, though the pact is quickly disbanded once the battle is over.

Through the book, Bella struggles with her friendship with Jacob and her love for Edward. Jacob finally makes Bella realize that she does have feelings for Jacob, but knows that she cannot live without Edward. Edward asks Bella to marry him, and she reluctantly says yes.

This is the second time reading the Twilight series, and surprisingly the second time through Eclipse wasn’t one of my favourites. It felt a little boring and drawn out than I remember, but still interesting as you learn the back stories of Cullen family members Jasper and Rosaline. I don’t read these books because of their deep meanings or literature brilliance, I read them because  Meyer’s story interests me.

Sure, some of it seems ludicrous. But, that’s whats makes it an interesting, and quick, read.