After a off duty cop is killed during a bank robbery, Diggle convinces Oliver to expand the vigilantes work and help the police with to take down the bank robbers. Diggle tricks Oliver into taking on the bank robbers after they move the injured Police Officer to Starling City’s hospital on the Queen’s dime, and the two begin their investigation.

While having a flashback to his time on the island, Oliver remembers when he had a visit from his diseased father. Even though he’s aware that he’s hallucinating, Oliver discusses that he’s not strong enough to survive the island and right his father’s wrongs. Once he wakes up, Oliver finds the list that his father wrote with the name of all of those who poisoned Starling City and need to be punished.

When Laurel’s work loses their biggest contributor, Tommy steps in to help with his family company throwing her work a Gala to raise money. While Laurel is occupied with Tommy and Oliver’s nemesis from childhood, Carter Bowen, Thea makes a pass at Tommy and is turned down.

During a bank heist, the vigilante and the cops both fail in apprehending the bank robbers. Oliver and Diggle both figure out who the bank robbers are, and the family decides to do one more bank before they stop. With the help of Felivity, Oliver and Diggle find out that the father of the group worked at the Queen factory that was shut down when they outsourced the labour.

Oliver reaches out to Derek Reston to stop the next robbery, and even offers him a job. Reston refuses the job quoting his pride, and Oliver finds out that the family is planning another robbery. Oliver, as the masked vigilante, shows up to try and stop the robbery. But, a guard shoots Reston after Oliver knocks out his son, Kyle.