After witnessing Helena try to take out the leader of the Traid, Oliver decides to teach her that there’s more to justice than just revenge. He also fears for people to get hurt at Helena’s hands, and Oliver sees her as lost and he wants to save her. Diggle warns him about the trouble she could cause, but Oliver ignores him and needs to try to help Helena.

Oliver brings Helena to Sarah’s grave, and tells her the story of Sarah’s death and who he was before he was stranded on the island. He brings her back to his secret lair, and attempts to train her. While training, he tells her about his promise to his father.

Tommy struggles to adjust to cut off status, deciding to ask Oliver for a job at the night club Oliver is working. While at dinner with Oliver and Helena, Laurel brings up the subject of Tommy working for Oliver and realizes too late that Tommy hadn’t spoken with Oliver about the job possibility.

Felicity brings some information to Walter about the money Moira withdrew from the company, and finds out that someone was also tracking the money Moira withdrew. He threatens to have Felicity suspended, as she looked into Moira without permission.

In their first outing together as a crime fighting couple, Oliver and Helena go after a key player in Helena’s father’s business. Oliver does it to show that Helena can affect her father’s business without murdering someone, and she even seems to be into the idea.

Oliver admits later that he should have listened to Diggle after Helena believes that Oliver was attempting to manipulate her, and is later convinced when Helena kills the leader of the Traid. As a result of this, China White and others go after Bertinelli in his home.

While also attempting to kill her father, Helena is shot with a arrow and Oliver manages to bring her back to his lair before the police show up. Even though her father is going to jail, she is still angry with Oliver for stopping her from killing him. Helena threatens Oliver to stay away from him, or she will tell his secret to Starling City.