Adam Hunt is killed by a copy cat vigilante, even though Detective Quintin Lance thinks it’s a copy cat. Lance’s superior doesn’t believe that there is a copycat, and announces publicly that the murder was done by the vigilante.

During a flashback to his time on the island, Yao Fei finally comes back to the cave he locked Oliver into. Yao Fei brings Edward Fyers, the man who tortured Oliver before when Oliver wouldn’t tell him where Yao Fei was. Fyers tells Oliver that the island was a prison for dangerous criminals, and that he and his men are there to kill the prisoners on the island.

Walter reaches out to a employee of Queen companies, as he and Felicity found the same list that Oliver’s father has in Moira’s belongings. Tommy’s dad confronts Moira about Walter having information about the list, and threatens her if Walter continues looking for answers.

Oliver decides to throw the Queen Christmas party after Thea tells him that the family hasn’t thrown one since Oliver and his dad went missing, and doesn’t realize that throwing the party brings up some bad memories for Thea. Tommy invites Laurel to the party, and Quintin admits that he’s not Tommy’s biggest fan.

While looking into the copycat vigilante, Oliver seeks the help of Felicity in tracking company who made the copycats arrows. That sends him to an address where the arrows were sent, where Oliver goes to investigate dressed as the Hood.

The copycat vigilante takes hostages, and threatens to kill one an hour unless Oliver shows up. Oliver manages to save the hostages, but is injured during a fight with the copy cat. Dig later brings Oliver to the hospital, and tells his family that he was hit by a truck while driving his motorcycle.

It’s recealed that Tommy’s father, Malcolm Merlyn, is the copy cat vigilante and Walter is kidnapped by Merlyn’s men to ensure that she won’t interfere with his plans for the city.