Tris Prior took part in a scheme to have a video played that shattered her entire city’s foundation, which told them the importance of Divergents and that they are needed desperately outside of Chicago. She also betrayed Tobias, not for the first time, when she sided with his Father to have the video played of an ancestor of her’s who joined the faction system to help.

After her trail, which she was found innocent, Tris volunteers to leave Chicago with a few members of a group called the Allegiant after she disagrees with the new leader, Evelyn Johnson, and her faction less rules. She’s joined by fellow Allegiant members, including Tobias, Christina, Peter, and her brother, Caleb. The group is ambushed as they attempt to leave the city, and are eventually met by a face from Tobias’ past who helps them transition out of the city walls.

The group is brought to the Bureau of Genetic Warefare, and are told that many years ago experiments that include Chicago were began in an attempt to fix what was called the Purity War. The government believed that society could be fixed by altering a person’s genes, which would make law abiding citizens. They were mistaken, and the experiments were created to create Divergents to fix the genetic damage that happened after the Purity War.

Tris also finds out that her mother was placed into the experiment when the Divergents began to be killed, to figure out who was doing it and to help get as many Divergents out as possible. The head of the Bureau, David, gives Tris her mother’s journal where she learns about the plan that her mother was meant to follow and what she did while working in the city.

People at the Bureau blame the genetic damaged, GD, for a lot of society’s problems. GD are treated as second citizens, and Tobias is a part of an uprising by the GD against the genetic pure, GP, that goes wrong. After saving David during the attack, Tris is offered a spot as David’s assistance on the Bureau’s council.

While in her first meeting, Tris finds out that the Bureau is planning to ‘reset’ the experiment as it’s at risk of being shut down as a uprising is forming in the city. This infuriates her, and she decides to set up her own attack on the Bureau with the help of Tobias and a couple of Bureau employees. Tris is successful in the goal of her mission, though it comes at a steep price for her.

Surprisingly, the ending didn’t let me down as previous books have. It felt well wrapped up, and grabbed my attention quite abruptly. It was a bit of a plot twist that I didn’t see coming, and just added to the books overall appeal for me.