It’s been six weeks since Walter was kidnapped, and since Oliver put on his green hood. Oliver tells Diggle that he’s concentrating on trying to find Walter, though his confidence has been shaken since his encounter with the imposter archer.

Meanwhile, Laurel’s co worker, Jo, experiences a traumatic loss when her firefighter brother, Danny, is killed while on duty. Jo reaches out to Laurel and admits that she thinks that her brothers accident wasn’t an accident, having gotten some evidence that may suggest foul play. Laurel does some digging, and finds out that there has been a pattern of firefighter deaths. She swipes the phone the Hood gave to Detective Lance to ask him for help looking into the deaths, pleading with him to join her in finding the killer.

Back on the island, Oliver must escape after Yao Fei is kidnapped by Edward Fyers and Deathstroke after he fell into their plan. He attempts to fight one of Fyers men, and manages to get away. He buries the man, donning his clothes and going to attempt to rescue Yao Fei.

During another fire, Oliver attempts to safe another firefighter. Instead of saving the firefighter, he manages to get some information to Laurel to help her find the murderer. Diggle confronts Oliver about his lack of confidence, and Oliver admits that he realized that he has something to lose now that he didn’t have when he was on the island.

During a fundraiser Oliver and Tommy throw for the firefighters, where the murderer, Garfield Lynns, shows up to kill the fire chief who didn’t send back up in when he was harmed in a major fire a few years previously. Oliver puts his hood back on, and has a heart to heart with Lynns who Oliver relates to. Instead, Lynns commits suicide by walking into the fire.

Thea manages to convince Moira from succumbing to her depression over Walter’s disappearance, and Moira steps up to take over Walter’s position at the company.