Oliver hones in on a name on his list after a armoured truck is targeted and stolen from, an ex-marine by the name of Ted Gaynor. Diggle immediately fights Oliver when he hears the name, as Gaynor was Diggle’s commanding officer when Diggle went on his first tour in Afghanistan and saved his life. When Oliver goes as the Hood to give Gaynor a visit, Diggle cuts him off before anything can happen.

During his flashbacks, Oliver attempts to find Yeo Fei in Edward Fyers’ camp on the island.  Fyers quickly finds him out, and manages to put him in a cage. Fyers reveals that Fei has been on his side the entire time, and Oliver made a bad choice in trusting him.

Diggle takes a job at Gaynor’s company, attempting to prove that Gaynor doesn’t deserve to be on Oliver’s list.

Malcolm Merlyn reaches out to Moira to stop someone from going off the plan they all hatched, and she only agrees to it if Malcolm proves to her that Walter is alive and well. Thea mistakes this meeting as Moira and Malcolm having an affair, as it’s not the first time Thea’s seen them together. Oliver confronts Moira about it, only to find out that Robert had had many affairs that they had kept secret from Thea and Oliver.

After stealing a memory stick from Gaynor, Oliver has Felicity hack into it and figures out where the next heist is happening. He ambushes the men, managing to injure one before they get away. Oliver admits that Diggle was right about Gaynor being involved in the heists, and they both figure that another ex-marine is included in the heists.

Later, Diggle is disappointed when it turns out that Gaynor was indeed behind the heists. Gaynor convinces him to join in on the final heist, even though Diggle backs out of the plan and Oliver and him manage to take down Gaynor and the others.